Funeral For A Friend

22. Oktober 2007

Das ist mal ein netter Fragebogen!

{1} Do you ever see garbage bags on the side of the highway and wonder if there are body parts inside?
Sometimes I see some, but never wondered if there’s something other than garbage inside.

{2} If you ever got the chance to practice cannibalism, would you?
Yeah, you’ve got to try everything!

{3} If forced to overdose on a drug, which one would you choose?
Pot would be nice – if you could say so concerning an overdose.

{4} Shot or stabbed?
Shot, also one of the things I’d like to experience sometime.

{5} Asphyxiated(gased) or exsanguinated(bleed to death)?
Wow, nice words. Ehm, Exsanguinated.

{6} Drowned or buried alive?
Drowned, it’s faster.

{7} Killed by blunt-force trauma to the head or crushed to death?
By trauma.

{8} Poisoned or overdosed?
Overdosed – at least you have some fun before death, right?

{9} Killed by a flesh-melting virus or by rats or ants slowly pecking at you?
Crazy stuff. I’d pick the virus.

{10} Out of all the above choices, which one do you like best?
As said, overdosed.

{11} Which is the worst way to die in your opinion?
Slow and painful, no matter how. Bleeding out from the inside, for example.

{12} Killed (by a person) intentionally, or by accident?
Killed intentionally.

{13} Killed by a serial killer (for pleasure) or a hitman (for profit)?
By a serial killer, killing for profit is bad. :(

{14} Killed in a car crash or a plane crash?
In a car crash, I hate planes.

{15} Killed in your home or away from home?
Away from home.

{16} Killed in your sleep or while watching TV?
In my sleep.

{17} Killed by someone who knew you, a stalker, or a complete stranger?
By someone I know.

{18} What do you want done with your body when you die?
Donate it for medical or scientific investigations. At least doing something useful with it, rather than just get burnt oder burried.

{19} You’re forced to have your funeral at a place OTHER than a church – where would you choose?
No problem, I’m atheistic. A funeral at sea would be cool.

{20} what song/s would you want played at your funeral?
Godspeed You! Black Emperor – The Dead Flag Blues. So everyone cries, hah!

{21} What outfit would you like to be buried in?
No one’s going to see it, so it’s quite ineffective, right? But for coolness, something black! Yeah. Wohoo.

{22} Who do you want to give your eulogy?
My girlfriend.

{23} Any other specifics about your funeral you’d like to share?
No church – no open funeral.

{24} Would you rather be forgotten about when you die, or remembered but hated?
Difficult question. I don’t care much, because I’ll never know anyway. But if I’d have to choose, remembered but hated.

{25} Would you rather die alone, or die loved but leave a heartbroken mate behind?

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